If you want to get together and just ride some old sleds and shoot the breeze with your fellow sled heads, February 14th is the day. With linked events taking place in International Falls Minnesota (the mother ship), Alliston Ontario, Lapeer Michigan, Montpelier Idaho, Marquette Michigan, Fairbanks Alaska and Oriskany New York, we are getting close to having and event near enough for everyone to drive to.

Live On SkisI use the word “event” lightly. This is actually somewhat of an “anti-event” event. No prizes, no shows, no (organized) races, no bragging rights. Just people who want to get out there on the old sleds and have a good time, and tell huge stories about it later to their grand kids.

Each location will be updating on SledTalk 24/7 so we can all join in on the happenings. More information, including maps and contact information for the event near you, can be found here.

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