2012 Snow

I did say I’d be blogging from time to time when things caught my interest… and this years Live On Skis event did exactly that. Here I sit four days later, still feeling the effects of 3 of the best days of riding I have ever had, as well as the effects of hanging around some really great people for several days.

For those of you who didn’t know – International Falls does have snow – not as much as in other years, but the trails were open, groomed and totally awesome. Even better, the lake was as smooth as butter! Starting Friday, all the way through Noon on Sunday, we could not get enough, putting on about 300 miles on the old sleds.

This year was a new record for me… all three of my old sleds made it and were driven on to the trailer at the end of the weekend! But this does leave me with one inescapable conclusion: I should never touch my sleds again. You see, this year, I had Darrell Saxton of Sport Salvage in Alexandria do some much needed maintenance work on my 86 Indy 600 and my 82 Indy 340. Both of them were absoluteley flawless and a BLAST to drive all weekend. To be fair (to myself) the work I did on my 72 ATX was good as well – although I lost an idler wheel as I was pulling in on the last day.

I also managed to roll the 82 340 Indy onto my leg as I was trying to get it unstuck in the driveway on the last day – leaving me with a baseball sized right ankle and a nasty cut on my left leg. Oh the joys of snowmobiling! But I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. Totally worth it.

My thanks to Doc Jim for all the co-ordination work, to Jim Strandlund for being the world’s best Master of Ceremonies, and to everyone who made the trip… you all are why I keep just wanting to pack up and head back!

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