John DeereHere is an update on the John Deere Make A Wish sled.

The project is winding down now and the final build date has been set. It will be October 17th at (lloyd Krohn) “Mercdivers” place near Forest Lake, MN. Within the next couple of weeks, we plan a small get together of some local guys up here near Menahga and we will be installing the suspension, track and fitting the seat on the machine. We will have a head start on the build if we can get that stuff done in advance.

John’s Upholstery has the seat on its way to us via UPS. So many people have helped out so much with the build and the very, very hard to find parts! Nearly everything on a 340/S is unique to a 340/S and this has presented us with quite a challenge. Special thanks to Kenny Heins, Joe Rainville and Don Amber for their assistance with some very unique parts. If not for their generosity, this project would not have happened.

Jerome Kretzman has been a project saver as well. Donating his time to rebuild the crankshaft for us. The 340/S crank was also completely unique to the 340/S only. Our original was beyond saving and 2 donated extras were also not salvageable. We had a very generous benefactor donate an excellent crank that Jerome is in the process of freshening up. I’m still looking for another crank to replace the one that was donated. The gentleman that donated the crank needed it, but he also knows there is a chance we wont be able to replace it. If anyone out there has another crank, even a rebuildable one, I would sure like to lay my hands on it so I can return one to the generous donor.

The body repair and paint work alone on the chassis has been a huge job! I told my body/paint guy that whatever we had left over from the donated funds would be going to him for his time and effort. To date, we only have $136 left in the kitty. It would feel much better to hand him a bit more money than that for all of his effort. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks some more donations will come in so we can compensate him a little better.

Its a great group of vintage sled enthusiasts who have made this possible. It has been a joint effort between many members from 4 different vintage sled websites and has managed to bring together many new friends. All in the name of charity. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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