The final installment of my interview with Jim Dimmerman covers all sorts of stuff, like dealing with the death of competitors, to what kind of stuff he kept, to the real story behind Team Arctic and their love affair with rental cars – hehehehehe.

As a bonus – Jim has started to answer questions from all of you on the Bull Sessions! This marks the first time on vintagesleds.com that a pro driver from the era has joined directly into the conversation! Arctic engine builder Greg Spaulding joined in as well, prompting comments like this one from ‘Shewelt’: “Thanks for sharing in the VINTAGE postings Jim & Greg. It means more than you know…..It’s like going to the driving range & running into Jack Nicklaus, or Mario Andretti at AUTOZONE”.

I couldn’t have said it better. If you’d like to see more of Jim’s postings, go to the Bull Sessions, click on Vintage Racing and then there are two topics about Jim – signed in as HBWC84.

I’d like to thank Jim for the time he put into this, and for jumping in feet first!

Snow Week photo of Jim after his big win at Hales Corner.
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