1975 World Champion.

It’s been some months now, but long time racing legend and engineer Jim Bernat has officially retired from Polaris. Combined with the retirement of Bob Eastman before him, just a handful of the Polaris legends still remain working at the Roseau home of the Starfire Kids.

What follows is just a few quotes about Jim from friends, racers and fans. Enjoy.

Hanging in my office is a picture Jim signed in 1975, when I was a snot nosed little kid hanging around the Polaris race truck. I show it off every chance I can! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Jim at several vintage shows, and he is every bit as nice as you have heard. I learned more about what went into those race sleds in a 5 minute conversation with Jim then I could have learned in a lifetime of restoring them. They don’t call him Smilin’ Jim for nothing!

If you would like to add your voice, please email me and I’ll put them up.

Congratulations Jim and we all hope to see you around!

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