Frank Sadlon took the family to visit some friends that were camping in central Wisconsin last Friday, and they also went to pick some strawberry’s….. along the way Frank decided on a whim to stop at a garage sale, and while walking around sniffing for a hint of 2 cycle, Frank discovered a pile of sleds and parts behind the guys garage, neatly covered and in great condition….. to his surprise a 72 TX Starfire, 71 TX Racer, and a bunch of parts for a 650 Engine, 650 Crank, some NOS stuff and more.

Turns out the guy used to race for some local dealer ( according to his wife) the husband ill, and in a nursing home she tells him. She asks Frank if he wanted the sleds and parts, otherwise they were going to the dump! Of course Frank said yes !! Frank will have to go with a trailer and pick up the rest this week, she also says there is stuff in the attic above the garage (she’s not sure what it is, and I am sure Frank couldn’t sleep thinking about it) and in a barn ( the 650 starfire hiding?) also she said to take all his trophies as she was getting ready to take them to the dump also!! Sooooo….. just goes to say you never know when and where you will find the “Stuff” , But you have to keep looking…….

….. And this was found with no secret connections, no secret clubs or societies, or any affiliation to Larry or Doc Jim, or…. lol…….

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