Two new race classes have popped up that really got my attention. The first is an ‘Indy 340’ class at Wolf Lake for 2006. This class will run any of the early Indy’s (up to 1992) with stock suspensions, motors, & pipes, but lets you alter the seat, hood, handlebars, clutches.

At Hooper Racing, they’ve introduced an almost identical class, except it’s for 500cc motors, and is not geared so much for vintage racing, but to entice people to run Champ sleds eventually, by giving them a very inexpensive race sled to start with. In the Hooper Indy class, in order to KEEP COSTS DOWN, you can BUY any sled after a race for $4,000.00. This will prevent anyone from spending more then that on a whole sled! Yeah I know $4,000.00 sounds steep to a lot of people, but keep in mind a full-blown Champ sled starts around $29,000.00! I think this is a GREAT way to get the interest up in overall oval racing.

I got so excited about these classes that I ran right out and bought two Indy’s. I think I can have them race ready by winter for less then $1,000.00!

Yes, I’ve been accused of being a dreamer before.

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