In today’s episode of “Vintage Sled Adventures”, I traveled north to the great racing mecca of Alexandria with Bob Poirier and the rest of his new race team. The idea was that I was going to help them out a little bit and see how the other racers are shaping up. My race sled isn’t ready, nor is my team mates, so it was the only way to spend Sunday smelling race fumes.

A mere mile from the Alexandria exit, we get a phone call: Race cancelled. It seems the ice was great the night before, but this morning it was covered with water. A good call on track owner Scott Tillman’s part, but it left a lot of disappointed racers.

So we trucked on home, hearing that a snowstorm was coming to the Twin Cities. We just beat it, getting into town as the roads had start to become intolerable. I got home and took care of some business, then headed to the garage for a little QGT (That’s Quality Garage Time for those of you living in San Francisco).

The snow did come. Lots and lots of it. Looks like about a foot to me, and it’s still coming down. If I stick my head out side, I can hear sleds running all over the place.

Then it hits me. I have 8 (count ’em) 8 snowmobiles with me. It’s snowing hard. Not one of the sleds is prepared to go for a ride on the day we finally ge a ton of snow.

Can you say “Irony”?

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