Speaking of the vintage SnoPro races, one of the major sponsors is the Thee Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain Wisconsin – where you can see the Vintage SnoPro cup on display – got two new invaluable pieces added to the display last week! Checkout page 114 of your copy of “The Best of SnoPro” and you’ll see this 1976 Skiroule SnoPro as it was originally driven by the Jacque Villenueve. The other is one of only Moto-Ski twin tracker ever built, raced by Gilles Villenueve. Holy cow. These babies are owned and restored to perfection by the Warning Family.

The Hall of Fame collection, including rear-engine Eliason’s, SnoCross sleds, famous oval track sleds, cross-country racers, one of a kind production sleds…. is the most amazing repository of the history of snowmobiling on planet earth, bar none. Speaking of the Hall of Fame Museum, you can imagine that keeping a facility open, heated and lighted for all of use to enjoy can be expensive. Well, you can help. Thee Hall of Fame still has tickets available for your chance to win $10,000 in whatever you want from 4 different dealerships. At just $10 a ticket your odds are fantastic. See the page on their website for more details on how you can help keep this museum open for everyone and maybe win cool stuff at the same time!

Gilles Villenueve’s 1-of-1 Moto-Ski Twin Tracker, and Jacques 1976 440 Skiroule SnoPro – the latest addition to the greatest collection on earth. Courtesy of the Warning Family Collection.
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