Perfect weather, record attendance, a very nice display of vintage sleds, and enough swappers to make Hay Days look like chump change – that was Princeton’s annual swap meet & grass drags this year. Saturday morning was simply amazing with the number of people that brought in stuff for sale.

Roger Jordan (AKA “Jekyll”) came all the way from Michigan, and we had a blast. Best joke of the day? Roger had written his Bull Session name (Jekyll) on tape and put it on the side of his hat. His handwriting wasn’t too clear, and a young man stopped him to tell him someone had played a trick on him and taped “Jerk” to the side of his hat.

I didn’t get a chance to catch any of the racing, except to see the Late Tracy Kruger’s brother stomp the field with Tracy’s Rupp in a heat race. That was cool.

Speaking of Tracy Kruger – The Minneapolis Communist Party Newsletter Star and Tribune is running a series of stories starting yesterday about the entire incident that claimed Tracy, his son and injured his wife Hillary. Part two is on newsstands today.

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