It’s all happening this coming Sunday in the park in St. Germain Wisconsin. Rumors are heating up that some very rare and unique sleds will be showing up there for the first time ever. I’m hearing about some very rare Eliasons, Polaris, Cat and other custom and oddball sleds making their way North this weekend. Sounds like plenty of swappers headed North as well. Swapping is sometimes very fun at new shows, because you get new swappers with new stuff showing up….

Doc Jim’s “Wildfire”

Among the sleds that will be there, I’m trying to talk Doc Jim into bringing out his “Wildfire” creation. We’ll be featuring Wildfire soon, and you should all make your guesses now as to what it is made of. It caused a lit stir when our good friend at, aka “Rude Dog” aka Jay Carsley, posted some “leaked” photos. Jay was pretty close at guessing Wildfire’s parts, but not quite! If you know Doc, email him and tell him to bring it so he can fire it up and drive it across the grass…

Speaking of driving across the grass – there are some limitations as to where you can drive cars or snowmobiles at the St. Germain show, so ask one of the officials before firing up the old beast and hitting the hammer! I’ve posted a link with directions and the show rules (much the same as Waconia) for everyone to gander at – just check the new events section.

I’ve noticed that when I click on the NH Classifieds link above it sometimes does not respond. Please allow me to explain what’s happening there.

To make a long story short, had to be removed from the server it had been hosted on since inception. I found a whole new world possabilities out there and decided to change the platform of to a dynamic site (database driven) based in the programming language of PHP and the database of MYSQL. The code from the old classifieds that we all know and miss was written in a different language and was also the property of another company.

We’ve been working on re-writing a better, faster, easier to use classifieds section for the site that will also add a lot more interactive features to the site. More on that later. But until that time, Stephen Burdick of the NH museum has setup the temporary adds that are available for now. He’s done a very good job of keeping them going. We know there is some issues with them, but they will work for now. As soon as the new classifieds are ready, we will change the link on the top of this page.

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