I didn’t think they guy would ever stop, but Edgar Hetten, cofounder of Polaris and founder of Arctic cat and several other companies announced his retirement via a press release today. Edgar is 84-year-old and has retired from his position as vice president and secretary of ASV Inc.
Edgar officially left his position last Friday, according to a report in Wednesday’s edition of the Duluth News Tribune. Today, the three companies Edgar was a big part of have $2.6 billion in annual sales and 5,293 employees. Edgar will continue speaking about entrepreneurship to groups, and he wants to encourage people to take risks, and if they fail, to try again.

“I’m almost 85 years old, and if I’m going to have any retirement at all, I’d better do it,” he said.

I had a chance to meet Edgar at the first Eagle River Vintage Reunion and we had a very, very interesting discussion. Edgar knew my late grandfather, Herb Borah, very well when both of them were at Polaris in the early days. He told my some great stories about Herb, who passed away before I got to know him at all. We all owe Edgar a debt of gratitude, as much of the fun we enjoy today wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for Edgar’s being there.


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