Derby Track to Run Vintage on Late Model Weekend

The Classic Vintage Weekend (Sponsored by Woody’s) is coming up fast! Just 10 days to go! This year, they’ve added something new to the late model weekend that follows. Besides the 440X class that runs their final on the 11th, racers in that class will be able to run an additional heat race to qualify for a special vintage race to be run on the late model weekend. I like this idea. The huge crowd watching the late model stuff will get to see how nice these vintage racers look – and how fast they really are. Should be a lot of fun for the drivers as well.

The Classic Vintage Weekend starts January 9th, and the finals are on Sunday the 11th. Derby Weekend is race #3 in the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Vintage SnoPro Series. We’ll be there, hopefully interviewing some of the top drivers for a podcast.

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