Well, we’ve had Danica Patrick as the Patron Saint of Vintage Snowmobiling for some time now, only because of her dad who used to race, and because her mom is from Roseau. But in all this time, she’s never said boo about sleds, and she’s proven to have quite the little temper. Lately, guys on the Bull Sessions have been demanding she be replaced because of her attitude. So is it time for her to head into the void of being a former Patron Saint? If so, who should replace her. We need a nationally known figure for this position. So should Danica stay or go?

Another position may be opening up as well – for “Queen of Vintage Snowmobiling“. There are a couple of ladies out there who are in this hobby just as deep as any guy, and are just as good at it, and are a one heck of a lot more fun to look at than any of us dudes. There has already been an discussion on the Bull Sessions about this going full steam. Join in and take a look.

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