Is oval racing on the rebound? Could it one day become the NASCAR of the North? Will we see 50,000 people watching the roundy-round races and no one at the slow-cross races?

Well there is a stunning ray of hope in the newest issue of SnowWeek magazine.

Associate Editor Colby Johnson wrote an open “love letter” to her former loves – hillcross and the dreaded slow-cross. After watching the Champ sleds in Beausejour earlier this month, Colby caught the bug and fell head over heals in love with oval racing.

Just a sampling of her comments and observations:
“…awe struck at the sheer speed of the sleds… ovals won my love and loyalty forever… their bodies half way off thier sleds, their knees skimming the track’s ice…my heart skipped a beat…I was shaking a bit…I love this sport!!… welcomed with open arms into every race trailer (note to Colby: – a pretty girl in a race trailer probably made thier day!) ..I’ve found what I’m looking for…found my soul mate”

Yep. She’s in love. I couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work Colby, and feel free to keep knocking on the door of race trailers. They can always use a breath of fresh air.

Colby Johnson Superstar
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