Classified Rules

The classifieds is for vintage snowmobiles and related items only. These can be new production, reproduction, NOS and used parts. Also allowed is snowmobile clothing and safety equipment, literature, snowmobile trailers, tools, signs. Vintage is defined by as anything that is 25 years old than the current year. Current year is 2021, so anything 1996
or older is considered vintage.

Machining, rebuilding, storage and transportation services that you provide personally are allowed. Dealers may not use the classifieds. Our sales staff can assist dealers and manufacturers with advertising and can be reached at [email protected]

Supporting Site vendors are approved to use this section to highlight their feature products/services but will still need to abide by all the rules outlined in this section.

The below conditions are mandatory and failure to comply with them may result in a permanent ban to this site. If you are contacted by a moderator or tech person about an issue in the classifieds, your response is mandatory. Ignoring a moderator will result in all your ads being removed until such time as you comply with our requests. Moderators will remove any ad that is not in the best interest of the site and their decision is final.

Please post a price and location. If it's for sale then figure out what you are asking for and place it in your ad.

Offers to trade non-snowmobile items for snowmobile items are not allowed. No wheelers, boats, or microwaves. Posting any item that is restricted or prohibited by Federal or State law is prohibited.

Please use our events page to post vintage shows, club announcements and museum fundraisers.

Photos must be related directly to the item you are advertising. Please no cars, trucks or cartoons. Due to the current system, we cannot remove the offending photo, so your entire ad will be deleted.

Discussions belong in the Bull Sessions forum. NO complaints about other people’s ads.

Do not start an ad for every single item.
If you have 3 items, put them in one ad. Don't be a space hog. Do not re-post your ad more than once a day. There is limited space available and every ad you post removes someone else's ad. We also ask that you do not use a second ad to add more than the allowed three photos for that single item. Having a couple of different ads running at the same time is allowed but please space them out and give everyone a chance to have their ads seen.

No cross posting. EBay, Kijiji, Want Ad, Pennysaver and Craiglist type references will be removed. terms of use policy is in force in the classifieds. You may not settle disputes here. All transactions are between buyer and seller. If you sent money and feel you were ripped off, you cannot post warnings here. If this rule is not acceptable to you, please find another venue.

Use of the classifieds is a privilege, not a right. Violate the rules and you will be suspended from the classifieds. Repeat offenders may also lose the use of the Bull Sessions forums. Persons using the classifieds, Bull Sessions forum or any part of VerticalScope messaging or email system to harass or intimidate another person will be permanently banned from the site, and we will fully cooperate with any law enforcement requests. It is illegal to harass anyone via the internet. Political, social and racial comments of any sort in the classifieds will result in a permanent ban.