The 76 Merc SnoPros, St. Paul MN

So guess how many 1976 Merc Snopros were driven by Stan and Doug Hayes? Could one assume there was also some spares? Are all these sleds accounted for? I’m pretty sure Bob at Image Enterprises has one or two of them? Didn’t Lee Frederickson have a couple at ome time? As I recall Jeff Biddescombe raced some of these in 1977 correct? What else do we know bout them?

I always liked the looks of these sleds, although the 75 with the free-air motors sticking out of the hoods were awesome as well. Nothing says “Hayes Brothers” like the Merc SnoPros.

Outting up the shot of the Goodwin sled was really interesting. I got all kinds of great email with really good information about the sled. Thus, I was able to edit the post from the 17th about the sled and arrive at a much better understanding of it. For example did you know the paint scheme came from the fact that they were to be sponsored by Diet Coke? If you think back to the cans of that time, you can understand the reason for the stripes. Plus they just look racy don’t they?

So lets tackle these classic Merc SnoPros guys. What do we know about them?

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