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Author Topic: Okoboji Vintage Snowmobile Racing Rules and Requirements  (Read 1716 times)


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Re: Okoboji Vintage Snowmobile Racing Rules and Requirements
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2021, 08:50:48 pm »
good choice on the mod stock classes! that mod1-5 stuff is dumb!
Please explain? How did ms 1-6 negatively affect your race team? What sleds do you have and what classes are the currently in now?

doesn't effect my team.  I just look at it and can see problems with it one problem is the most popular cc back then is completely left out. plenty more but i'm not discussing it on here.
Ms classes have little to do with cc itís a performance based class system that was used in the 70-80s and if we would have continued to use them when vintage took off 20 years ago we would not have the problems that we seen over the last 15 years. If you donít want to discuss it then why bring it up,? I can show you the flaws in both systems, cc classes more so than ms classes. Remember ms classes are performance related classes just like stock letter class racing, Iím sure you donít like them either? No harm in discussion. Both have pros and cons . We run ms at Waseca ice drags last couple of seasons with good success.

Mod 3-6 i would agree seem fairly good, 1 and 2 not so much its easy to see the power advantage of the d stock 440 fan sleds and the 78-80 srx 440's that can now run in b stock  or c stock sleds that should be b stock anyway so you just parked your 340 and smaller cc sleds. everybody complains the numbers are down but dont want to change anything because then they might not win. it seems stuff gets centered around a few sleds. I dont have a horse in this race but i do race and want to see the sport take a positve turn.

As far as a power advantage for the 440 Fan cooled sleds, as soon as someone brings their Mod 300cc sled out, that power advantage you talk about is gone and the mod sleds will win Mod 1 class. So far, no 300 Mods have shown up.
 Next thing is if youíre talking about 340 cc sleds being one of the most popular classes in the past, they race in Mod 2 class, I know there are some fast 340 mods out there but they arenít showing up lately.
The Mod 1-6 classes have worked good for us, less classes to deal with, more sleds in each class, and a variety of sleds in each class.

fan 440 sleds vintage pretty much where 40hp give or take up until the 80's then 56hp rule for racing came in effect.   All the twin carb 440-500cc fan stock sleds had to meet the 56hp ruling.    Then in the 98 or 99 I am thinking the fan sleds like the  Arctic Cat 440 Sno Pro  Z fan    Polaris XCF 440  where 65hp power ruling.   440 Fan sleds in the classic area is stock E  in the ISR rules for 92.   

 56hp stock E  Sleds  Indy Trail 488, Super Sport 440, Indy Classic , Indy Trail SP 488 ,  Yamaha Phaser 488   Arctic cat Cougar 500cc  Jag Special 440, Jag Z 440, Z 440  Ski Doo  MxZ Fan 440   Ski Doo Formula SL 500 Fan? 

   I got a 87 Indy 488  Trail SP with a mod fan engine in it.   Think I  its pushing  around 90 hp out of it??    Love to run it but no classes.    Same thing with my   92 440  Jag Special I have.    We ran at Waseca with it.  In stock E or D I think it was?  Whatever class the trail twisters are in?    And in Mod I  since it was a stock fan?   Love to be able race more classes and more events.    Got to work on opening up more classic classes for stuff.    Sleds in the 80's  and 90's are pushing 30 and 40 years old.  Parts and sleds are getting hard to come by.   What is being called Vintage racing is Antique racing now really.    Most of that stuff is pushing 50 years old.   Hard to get new blood in this stuff the way it is.     
     Me personally not that I got a lot to do/say  with any of the stuff.    Would like to see a fan class in the classic sleds get the younger people interested.      There is a lot of fan sleds out there.    Cheap  that a person could set up for racing not have a ton a money into the stuff.   Parts are easy to come by  Set up they really go in 500-660 feet.   A person could have a lot of fun at a low budget.    You buy a vintage race sled your looking at $3,000 to $8500.   Depending on what it is.  Most of the race stuff is show sleds now or guys don't  let the stuff go.  Yeah, I got this 77 srx out back in the weeds come get it.  Get it out of here not going to do anything with it. Those days are completely over with.   All that stuff has been  found and bought up.   Once in a while one will be found.  Now its like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


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    Re: Okoboji Vintage Snowmobile Racing Rules and Requirements
    « Reply #16 on: September 15, 2021, 01:03:11 pm »
    Team green, I hear what you are saying but classics are not vintage, there is hundreds of late 70 early eighties fa and fc sleds out there cheap! You donít need a 77 Srx or 77 z to go vintage racing pick your class that you want to run build a sled for it, donít complain we donít have a class for your mid 80s 90s sled thatís not what these races are about. Just something to consider.
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    Re: Okoboji Vintage Snowmobile Racing Rules and Requirements
    « Reply #17 on: September 15, 2021, 02:28:51 pm »
    The junior class at princeton was a great thing. the guy parked next to us came bombing in from north dakota as the drivers meeting was going on jumped out of his truck ask where to sign up and to off running with his grandson to go racing