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Author Topic: Passing of Henry "Hank" Briscoe  (Read 1653 times)


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Passing of Henry "Hank" Briscoe
« on: October 21, 2020, 02:40:09 am »
To the Vintage Snowmobile and Worldwide Snowmobile enthusiasts;
This morning we lost one of the premiere vintage snowmobile and Artic Cat collectors in North America if not the the World. Henry "Hank" Briscoe passed on this morning after one of the most courageous battles with cancer any of us have ever witnessed.
He was with his family and left us peacefully. His son was by his side.
If you don't know the story let me take you back to the early 90's. Hank was introduced to Vintage Sleds totally by chance. It all began at Lanzi's on the Lake in Northville, N.Y. where he happened to be trail riding with his son and friends and stumbled into a vintage sled show totally by accident we "seasoned guys" were attending. I'll never forget his reaction...He said what's all of this? We said it's a Vintage Snowmobile show! He said I've never heard of such a thing!.... That was all it took.
He was all in from that moment until today; hook, line, and sinker. From that day forward it's all history. In a relatively short time Hank went from one old original sled to collecting and rebuilding some of the rarest and finest Arctic Cats in the vintage world, and some other "not so Black and Green" sleds which I'm proud to own with my Father now. He made it his mission to meet and learn about as many people associated with Artic Cat as he could. He traveled across the U.S and Canada to meet people and share his collection,...and maybe some some tough negotiating was involved along the way for a part or sled he wanted! LOL.
If you have a nice memory of Hank please share it with everyone. He'll be missed among his vintage sled family. RIP Hank!

Eric Melfi


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