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Author Topic: With COVID still around, any idea if Eagle River Vintage Weekend is still on?  (Read 706 times)


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Trying to make plans for Eagle River Vintage Weekend to come and watch. Wondering if virus will effect hot boxes and such. Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks, Clay


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    Did you see ERX Motor Park  big announcement today that they will be hosting the first big National ISOC Sno-Cross race of the race season.  I think their race will be at the beginning of January so they are moving forward with race plans. There will be no ISOC Thanksgiving race this season. But ISOC is moving forward with their races after the first of the year.  ERX has pulled off 3 events this summer and fall working closely with the State of Minnesota that has been a challenge to say the least but they did and did it successfully.  To mean this is a great sign for other events also I hope.

    MVSS met with them last week and had a very good meeting with them regarding the MVSS Midwest Ride-in at the end of January so we are moving forward with plans.

     Let's all think positive and I know Craig and crew will pull it off and hopefully in similar fashion as every one has experienced in the past.

    Those HOT SEATS are awesome!!