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Author Topic: R.I.P. MVSS's Jim Struble  (Read 1703 times)


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R.I.P. MVSS's Jim Struble
« on: August 30, 2020, 04:03:28 am »
It is with great sadness to share the passing of Chaska Minnesota's Jim Struble.  Jim passed away this morning at his family's summer home at Annandale Minnesota.  Jim suffered a massive heartache passing at only 57 years of age.

Jim was an MVP Committee Member of Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Shows, Inc.  For those of you who have been to the Waconia Ride-In or Midwest Ride-In I hope you had a chance to meet up with Jim.  Jim was one of those special people any committee has to have. Quick to take on tasks big and small and when he did you NEVER had to follow up on him.  The job was always done and done right.  Always a calm, level headed and thoughtful voice at meetings. Jim's whole family have been part of the Ride-In's success.

Jim was also South West Trail Associations President and has been for quite a few years. Just like with MVSS he was so well respected by all he worked with. When his crew had snow to work with the Trails around Waconia and Carver County were always in fine shape. S.W. Trails member clubs had great relations with Jim and they worked together so well.

Jim loved snowmobiling and lived for trips out to the Mountains with his boys.  The boys helped make Jim a pretty darn good rider. The kids learned how to make those high powered Ski-doo's perform and Jim needed to be at his best to keep up.  I know how much he cherished that time with his boys.  I was fortunate enough to have spent a week with him a couple of years ago at West Yellowstone.  It was a special week.

Jim started a couple of years ago something I know he was proud of. At his summer home on the lake at Annandale, Jim and a friend started "Sundays on Sylvia" which was literally a Sunday on the lake "floating church".  It was an instant hit from what I heard.

Jim and his wife Carla were very hard working and successful Business Owners. Some of their business expertise was utilized at the Ride-In over the years.
Jim was really good with technology and proved very valuable to MVSS in so many ways.

Please keep Carla and Jim's kids in your prayers and thoughts.  Jim will be missed.


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