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Author Topic: Michigan Historic snowmobile registration.  (Read 1035 times)


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Re: Michigan Historic snowmobile registration.
« Reply #15 on: September 22, 2020, 06:21:35 pm »
About four years ago I was at the Novi snow show talking to a Ski-Doo rep about the lack of introductory sleds, his response was "the organized trail system will be gone by the end of the next decade (i.e. the 20's) so we're focusing on the Western and Boondocking markets." At the time it pi$$ed me off, but sadly he's begging to look prophetic. Our local club is becoming a UTV club more and more every year, and I can't blame them with the crappy winters we've had in SW MI. The Historic Registration was almost a miracle that it passed and hopefully we can keep it alive a little longer. A huge Thank You to those that put all the hard work in and I'll keep sending e-mails to my State Rep and MSA.


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