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Author Topic: Yamaha SSR VIN Registry  (Read 16790 times)


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Re: Yamaha SSR VIN Registry
« Reply #60 on: February 16, 2021, 01:12:00 pm »
I seen 205 this weekend it has been trail converted, was pretty cool!
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    Re: Yamaha SSR VIN Registry
    « Reply #61 on: November 02, 2021, 02:04:15 am »
    Hey Giver, any chance the #205 (bulkhead only) you listed lines up up with the SSR drag sled Wes had sold you, that was once our old SSR?
    I've noticed from the photos of Turgeon's drag sled that it looks like the stock bulkhead was completely removed to extend it? (including the VIN?) Obviously it has one of Dennis Clarke's YMC magnesium chaincases! ;)

    Below (photo 3) is how that same chassis looked in 1980 after we had just pulled the original 8HO (and pressure washed it out) in order to swap it out for a certified SRV engine for the "all-new" Sprint 540 class.
    The last shot is me running it at Wetaskiwin North-Am later that 1980 season.

    Just wondering if you think that was its old VIN? 205? (as we can't find any record of the serial number)
    PS> If you EVER decide to sell it you know who to call! ;)
    since learned it was #206 not #205 would love to buy it back even if it's just the chopped up chassis
    I found a couple more photos of that I took while converting it to a Sprint 540 sled in 1980
    PS> that Cat windshield was just taped on there mostly as a "what if" (it didnt make the cut) ;)
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    The interpretation of the oft-used vintage term "back in the day" pretty much relative to one's own perspective isnt it??
    I mean to l y n x e r or curt_52x "back in the day" is 2007!! lol ;)
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