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Author Topic: What's your story?  (Read 17048 times)


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Re: What's your story?
« Reply #30 on: September 21, 2016, 12:49:38 pm »
Growing up my parents bought me a skidoo citation but the novelty wore off pretty fast and we sold it. About 5 years ago I was looking online for a 2nd snowmobile to bring to my in laws cabin so I didn't have to double on my zr. I found a 71 elan and me and a friend went and picked it up. Well I started to ride it and loved it, so I started driving the back roads looking for any parts. One day I came across a fellow out in his yard and I noticed he had a bunch of skidoos under a lean- to so I stopped and got talking to him and proceeded to tell me about Live On Skis in International Falls the following weekend. So the following weekend me and my wife loaded up the little elan and sleigh and went to check it out. That's the 1st time I've ever seen so many different makes and brands. That little elan made the journey without any problems and we had so much fun. For the first couple years I was looking for any sleds I could find didn't matter what condition or shape they were in. We started to go to shows,swaps,tried grass raceing,even put on a few shows in my hometown. I never would have thought I'd be so into this hobby if I had never met that friend driving around and when he told me about the ride. I had always seen old sleds for sale along the highway and my friend always told me to buy one for ice fishing,but I always laughed because I didn't want an oldie I wanted something quick enough to keep up with my friends. I have somewhat slowed down on buying but I still pick things up here and there and still have a garage full of parts and pieces. I never knew how big the vintage sled community is untill that one day if February. I'm happy I found that little elan because it started a great hobby and we've got to meet a lot of great people in the past 5 short years. I owe it all to a good stranger who became a good friend.
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