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Author Topic: Marketplace for new products and product ideas, Please read before posting.  (Read 5316 times)


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Marketplace rules and regulations.  Please read and adhere to them.

1.  Neither Vintages Sleds nor Vertical Scape endorses either products or companies/persons posting new products.
2.  Must be Vintage Snowmobile related, 1984 or older.
3. Company or persons posting must provide contact information such as phone number, email or website address.
4.  No pricing discussed by either seller or potential buyer in the Vintage Sleds Forum.  Posts that state a price or ask a price will be deleted.
5.  Posts of New items being brought to market allowed.
6.  Posts of New items being considered for release to market allowed.
7.  Posts showing a product move from Idea to release is encouraged.
8.  Posts of used parts, posts with pricing mentioned will be deleted.
9.  Posts with parts that do not fit line item 5, 6 and 7 will be deleted.
10. Requests looking for parts will be deleted.
11. Please use the classified for buying and selling.
12.  If you do not agree to these terms, please do not post in the marketplace forum.
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    dave rapp

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    I'm old, Really Old and not computer savy, AT ALL. Wanting info on how to find info about pre-72 single cylinder sachs style motors and or sleds complete for vintage racing.
    I've spent many hours and do not find what I'm looking for, just mostly parts and I'm not a mechanic!!! Please help