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Is there any one knows when Polaris built the  #45 Polaris go kart or have any info on them thanks Tom
Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: 1978 RXL/ 340 Super Stock ID
« Last post by Vics stuff on Today at 04:35:38 pm »
Vic, do you recall who had the other two RXL's in Alaska in 1978?  Roseaufan made a comment about Mike Smith having photos of two RXL's in his shop in 1979.  I wonder if they were the same two machines? Thanks for the history lesson.

 Yes I do TXC276 know the person who had the other 2 RXL's here in alaska .
 His Name is Will Bishop and he lives in Homer Alaska . As I recall his story about 4 years ago at a local show. One of his sleds was a 250 originally with a 340 from the factory. I could not recall if it was Jerry Bunky's or Brad Hulings but this sled was one of theirs.
« Last post by 225lnd on Today at 04:27:54 pm »
All stock, modstock, and prostock classes are for sleds manufactured up to 1989. IFS piston prostock sleds will be allowed to run in the Piston Port Prostock Open. Please read the rules for each class that is in the Post on here. If you need a set of rules to be printed off send me a PM with your email.
« Last post by 225lnd on Today at 04:24:19 pm »
What is the year cutoff for the piston port pro stock open? Will a ifs sled be allowed to run in it?
1989 will be the cut off for all Stock, Modstock, and Prostock classes at OVSR. Yes piston port IFS, but no spropro sleds, sleds can run in the piston port prostock open.
Vintage Tech Help / Re: Comet drven pully
« Last post by derwood on Today at 02:29:16 pm »
Well, I kind of missed the 110 part of your sentence. My fault on that one. I will have to see if I have any other Comet info.. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I will have to look at the one I have next door to see what model it is but I'm thinking you are correct in it being a snap ring.
I read the article you referenced in a different thread. The electric sleds will have a place in rental tours in low emission areas like national parks...etc. I also agree that they should be less expensive...but we all know how that goes.

I really want snowmobiling to survive. Unfortunately there are a number of factors beyond our control that dictate what's going to happen (like the weather) I base my comments regarding the young people on how many will actually find a little time to come and help with the trails. I've watched the young riders and if a tree branch falls on the trail they'll drive around it or just run it over rather than stop and take 15 seconds to throw it off the trail. I'm about a month off major back surgery and walking is recommended by my doctor. Took my first long walk last Sunday after the Packer game...Me and my dog checked out a section of trail that I hope to be signing very soon. Yep, I'll be with it to the bitter end.   
Pure BS (Non Vintage Sled Related) / Re: Polaris / Zero hybrid sleds.
« Last post by chris r on Today at 01:46:04 pm »
Our club just had our annual hayride/chili dump on Saturday. It's always a fun day but this time it felt different. Several of us were talking about what we feel is going to happen over the next few years. Everyone agrees the industry is pricing itself out of business. These new electric sleds will be no exception. Pretty much an expensive novelty. Fewer people can afford new sleds these days. Most young people spend their money on tattoos and smart phones...they have little interest in getting cold on a snowmobile. Lack of snow, short seasons, limited use and the explosion of UTV sales has just about sealed the fate of trail riding as we have known it...it's circling the drain now. If the economy/politics continues on it's current trajectory, a lot of people are going to be lucky to keep up with their everyday living expenses...much less having money for motorized recreation of any kind.

I for sure agree about the prices of stuff. My first thoughts are that the cost to manufacture electric/gas powered vehicles should be less. Based on what I know about vehicle production throughout my career.

On the young people, the same thought has been discussed here for years, yet there are young people who are into sleds, bikes, and cars. Sure some are not, no different than being not into anything but laying on their aszes, but sled sales have been good the last couple years and vintage/antique sled values have risen from what I see, at least advertised prices.
I can't wait! Been waaaay too long since I've been to a good swap! Plus I actually have a couple sleds and perhaps some parts to unload this year. Anybody know how much they're charging for swap spaces this year? Thanks!
Vintage Tech Help / Re: Comet drven pully
« Last post by 2muchfun on Today at 01:25:58 pm »
Thanks derwood, I have the same info,but the 110 D is a little different. I think the series c  was  competition,not positive.  I am beginning to leaning toward a snap ring because the groove in the fixed half is a little over .060 width but it has to fit into a recess area in the helix. I ordered some 1 1/2 external snap rings so I will find out I guess. Was hoping to see some info to be sure.
Vintage Racing / Re: Relic Mod Single class at Eagle River
« Last post by bambam00 on Today at 12:39:17 pm »
Hi Everyone:   Last year Jon approached me to try & get more guys into Relic Mod Single.  Told him I had something Cool planed for the 20th Vintage WC weekend.  Got a call from Jon & Scott to tell me the dollars they are going to put into Relic Mod Single & that they want it to be played back several places,  VERY COOL.  So with that call last year we ran them on the first ever Friday Night Lightning, & the rest is history.   This is fantastic for the relic mod division that they are again stepping up in 2022 !!!   I applaud you both !!!!   Thanks Craig Marchbank WCDC Race Director

       PS:  Stay Tuned to your Bat Channel for another HUGE announcement for the Relic Mod Division  :P !!!!!!!!!
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