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1972 650 EXT
650 EXT on display at our shop.
 Views: 777
Posted by 2canoe
May 29, 2019
in Sleds
Admin Testing
Test test test
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Posted by PhilipB
Jul 04, 2018
in Test
73 Magnum
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Posted by Greene Machine
Oct 24, 2017
in Jerry Greene
71 73 uppers & lowers
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Posted by Greene Machine
Sep 24, 2017
in Jerry Greene
IMG 0177
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Posted by YOOPER
Dec 03, 2018
in trommel

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Posted by CTSledder37
Apr 04, 2015
in Poloron Cyclone
12043201 2796228299983 5434831442883141182 n
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Posted by CTSledder37
Sep 26, 2015
in Otis, MA 2015 show
Hamster face
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Posted by PhilipB
Dec 23, 2014
in Test
12009579 2796227979975 2358083317737434420 n
 Views: 309
Posted by CTSledder37
Sep 26, 2015
in Otis, MA 2015 show
December 20
We lost our early snow. We trailered to Valhalla and attempted to ride to Cornucopia. It was quite the ordeal as we got near Lake Superior, and we didn't make it to Corny. The Valhalla area was quite nice for snow cover, however still no grooming.
 Views: 463
Posted by RIC4001
Dec 20, 2014
in 2014-2015 Season Photos

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