Boss Cat I

Well I never thought anyone of us would ever have the chance to see this again! The original Boss Cat I burned to the ground in a fire at Arctic Cat in the early 1970’s. The sled was built for the early 70’s speed wars being waged between all the factories. A lot was at stake if any manufacturer gained the title “The World’s Fastest Snowmobile”.

Boss Cat IThe Boss Cat I had a Turbine engine it. It exploded on one of it’s earliest runs. Driver Dale Cormichan was injured in that blast. It was later rebuilt and put in an Arctic Cat museum.

The project to rebuild Boss Cat I got under way just over a year ago and started with the only two remaining original pieces: The parachute from the original sled,which was not in it at the time of the fire, and the original 4 cylinder King-Kat motor used to start the 1,000 horsepower Turbonique brand turbine motor. That 4 cylinder motor was also not in the sled at the time of the fire. Every other piece had to be built from scratch – using photos and drawings, and prodding the memories of lot of the people involved with the original.

She’s at home with her new owners now and has been re-united wtih Boss Cat II and Boss Cat III and it’s all done. Expect to see it at some shows soon!

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