Balsom Lake Invitational

Grass-root racing at it’s finest, with a promotional film that looks like it came from Hollywood!

On Jabuary 26th, they have three races: An ice oval, Lemans and a one-lunger Lemans. Of course, then a big party afterwards.

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2 Responses to Balsom Lake Invitational

  1. Dan O says:

    Last year there were about a dozen guys that raced the one Lunger 100 from the Balsam Lake/Milltown/Luck area. Is this a race we can get into? If so, what rules are run or is it open?

  2. Larry N. Goodman says:

    I have a true story about the 1970 Ski Whiz ,Machine.
    My father-in-law was a Massey-Ferguson dealer in Michigan. He got three sleds and I took the 500, and I drove it every winter for 5 years. I have no idea how many miles that was, but it was a lot.
    I had my oldest son (4), in front of me and we were going back to the farm following a trail that paralled the power lines. Snow was about three feet deep and we were cruising about 30, when the sled came to a stop. I did not know the problem, but when I looked at the front, from the drivers seat, the square front held a barbed wire fence very tight. If that had been a Skidoo, the fence would have killed me.
    I pulled my four year old son off over the back and took him back on the trail and told him to wait. I then grabbed the rear bumper and pulled the machine back and took the strain off the wire.

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