Jacques Villeneuve, as most of you know, was hurt badly in an unfortunate accident this year at Eagle River. It was the kind of accident that would have most guys Jacques age thinking about retirement. But we aren’t talking about most buys, we’re talking about a guy who cannot not go racing.

Haliburton photo from Shawn Horner.

So Jacques, despite his injuries was back on the track in Haliburton Ontario this past weekend. Not only was he back on the track, but he won Pro Champ AND Vintage IFS 440.

Oh, and I should mention Jacques won both classes on Saturday, and Sunday.

In Beausejour, Aaron Johnson’s 340 Starfire won handily, as did Mark Anderson’s in 440. Mark is supposed to be retired, but he thought he’d go ahead and race the 440 sled until someone buys it. Mark Bowman won in mod 250.

In the IFS classes, Troy Lefko won two on Saturday, Duncan Reid the other, both on Ski-Doos.

This years winner of the coveted Jerry Bunke Memorial n his Ski-Doo. It looked like team mate Duncan Reid was going to walk away with it, but mechanical troubles put Troy out front. Last years winner Kenny Kitzman came in 3rd.

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