An honored guest from Make A Wish for this years “Live On Skis” event. announces an honored guest from Make A Wish for this years “Live On Skis” event.

The Live On Skis event is chance for vintage snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the world to get together and “shoot the breeze”. In between these “bull sessions”, participants ride the old sleds on the beautiful trails and lakes around International Falls, Minnesota. There’s no show, no race, no pressure of any kind – just show up and have a good time.

Make A WishMake A Wish is a non-profit organization that grants a wish to enrich the lives of kids with life-threatening medical conditions. One of our members on the Bull Sessions forum is just such a person. On the forum he goes by the name “Colt250ss”, but his real name is Forrest Hess, and he hails from New York.

No one associated with has had a greater honor than to have Forrest pick the “Live On Skis” event as the place he wants to go, the thing he wants to do. Forrest wants to meet and ride with Bull Session members he’s come to know and like.

We here at are determined to make Forrest’s wish a the best it can be. If you’d like to help, just make the trip and enjoy the weekend with a fun bunch of people who just enjoy these old machines as much as you do.

Forrest has made the request to ride a few special machines. So if you have one of these and would be kind enough to let Forrest and maybe his family take them for a ride, it would be very, very cool:

* A John Deere Liquifier or Cyclone
* A 1975 Johnson JX 650
* A 1974 SKi-Whiz
* Any Yamaha Race Sled (SR, SRX, SSR?)

Visit the Live on Skis page to learn more about the event. To learn more and donate to Make A Wish, visit their website. Want to meet Forrest? Check him out on the Bull Sessions!

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