PJ and a Friend

That’s a 17 year old Troy Pierce on a very rare sled (doesn’t exist!?) 1982 Polaris factory prototype Indy. It had a 116″ track and was about 3/4 scale of the actually Indy’s. It was built by Darrell Westburg and Arlyn Saage. In 1983, Troy raced it in the Walker Minnesota Heartland race, then Doug Lamm and Darrel Wolf raced it in Thief River Falls.

Only one was ever made, and they tried a 488cc Fan motor in it as well as a 500cc free-air. It was a direct-drive machine that weighed just 393 lbs.

I don’t know what you think, but that hood is clearly awesome. Makes me wonder why they never released such a cool looking sled. A little paint and decals, and that would have been a stunner. Plus, I LOVE the idea of a *smaller* sled. Big motor, little sled. Big fun.

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