Keeping BIG BLUE In the Family!

Mike Kollmanis one of many of our volunteers who help out with moderating the website. Mike, (AKA INDY600) has been around snowmobiles his whole life and has a very checkered past in snowmobile drag racing.

A couple days ago, Mike sent me these very cool photos of the Sno*Jets that have gone through his family. The first 1972 Thunderjet you see here is a 295cc machine that was owned and raced by the Kollman family dealership (Kollman Sport Shop) at many races like the one at the Arrowwood resort in Alexandria, and later the Dayco Holiday Spectacular.

The sled also made it into the movie "It Ain’t Easy"!

The other picture is Mike’s dad two uncles on the SST’s and the Thunderjet. The last picture is one Mike has yet and it will run the one-lunger 100 this year with the grandsons (Brent and Alex) and nephews of the Kollmann boys, keeping it all in the family and very much alive!

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