I got super help on Saturday from Jim Haug – who did an amazing job of rebuilding my 74 Snopro suspension. Unfortunately, anything that could have gone wrong on Saturday, did. Jobs, such as putting on hyfax, that should be 10 minute deals, wound up being all damn day events. For as much as we worked (into the wee hours of the morning), it seemed like little progress was made. After making a list of what is left, it doesn’t seem that bad.

The major stuff is done. Sunday, Vance Elfering did an amazing job of getting the triple pipes to fit on the leaf spring SnoPro. I never thought I’d see that task finished, and here they are!

Then, we have the hoods for the two 1977 SnoPro sleds – one an IFS model, one a leaf spring model. I found, thanks to Bill Adams of Arctic Restorations, an amazing glass company, Epicraft Inc., that got them all put together, molded and parts stamped out, on time and beyond my wildest dreams for quality.

Once the hoods were cut and fit, it was off to Krugers Auto Body, where owner Tracey Kruger did and amazing job of matching up the original blue metallic color. The paint finish on these is absolutely gorgeous.

The graphics came from an original Jerry Bunke Hood that I traced, thanks to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame. They were digitized, and cleaned up by Jason Gilmour of Gilmour Creative, then sent to Prographics Inc., where Betty and Dave got them measured and printed in record time. Back to Krugers Auto where Tracy and I installed the decals (mostly Tracy, who am I kidding?) late Friday night.

1977 IFS SnoPro hood, glass by Epicraft, Paint by Krugers Auto Body, decals my Gilmour Creative and Pro Graphics, Inc., decal installation by Kruger’ Auto Body. The hood will go on Jerry’s original 1977 340 IFS sled.

Result? I couldn’t be happier!

Today and tomorrow are critical. The 74 has more issues then a newspaper that must be resolved today. On top of that – we are desperately seeking a 4 place trailer to move all this stuff later this week…

At the Polaris 50th this Friday night, there will be a historical review, and a preview of the new Polaris video featuring – as I’ve heard – Leroy Lindblad, Bob Eastman, Jim Bernat, and of course Edgar and David Johnson. I can’t wait!

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