One more hood got painted. One more hood arrived, raw and needs trimming before paint. We finally have some sun today, so I’ll be painting some small parts. Suspension sliders showed up from Dennis Kirk yesterday for one, the track for another is due from my good friends at Wahl Brothers today, where they were replacing the steel cleats with the correct Arbolly cleats.

One of the sleds needed a rather odd handlebar hoop to hold up the steering column. I’m happy to report that is nearly done, should be absolutely completed late tonight. Superman Jim Haug has volunteered to restore the suspension on the 74 SnoPro. After a memorial day vacation, that should be ready early next week.

The scariest part yet? Missing motor pieces and decals that are still not done, some not even started.

Speaking of the newly arrived hood, many of you know of the long, painful and damned expensive journey I’ve been on to find a hood for one very rare Polaris racers. I’m happy to say that search is finally over! I’d give out more detail, but that is a whole long story in of itself, with too many people that helped out to do it justice with anything short of a full length story. 4

Stay tuned. The next update will include first ever photos!

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