Beware The Mullett!

mullet* (mu’ lit) 1. any of a family of edible, spiny-rayed fishes found in fresh and salt waters and having a small mouth and feeble teeth, as the striped (or gray) mullet. 2. Any haircut which the sides and top of the hair are cut significantly shorter than the back.

I invite you all to visit Mullets and explore the fascinating and frightening world of the Mullet Head. Because we like vintage snowmobiles, we will forever be in danger of being compared to, or mistaken for, a Mullet Head. Some might find the concept of a Mullet Head offensive, but most likely the offended has a Mullet cut and/or can’t read, so who cares? As a public service, I’m posting all this information to help all of us Vintage sled fans steer clear of having a Mulletude, the prevailing attitude of the the Mullet Head:

mulletude (mu’ li’ tewd) the attitude that comes with the adornment of the mullet, behaviors can include the following: beating one’s spouse, scowling or sneering at those who don’t have mullets, engaging in fights on a regular basis (preferably with those who are not part of the mullet brotherhood), stealing, pedophilia, listening to butt-rock, attending monster truck rallies, driving a Chevrolet Camaro (model years 1970-1993) or mini-truck, snorting crank, misogyny, getting angry at the drop of a hat, date rape, speaking in an inappropriately loud voice.

Enjoy. And remember, just because you’ve got a sled torn apart in your basement does not mean you are one of the Mullet Brotherhood!

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