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Fresh 340 Engine



Finished Sled

Skis reproduced by Dick


Brand new seat molded by Dick

AutoSki SS400

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Christmas 2014

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1959 Autoboggan

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H.C. Paul Autoboggan











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You have found the new home of the Ski Whiz Rescue Mission.

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Header Ski Whiz

With the support of Larry Preston and the crew of, I am proud to welcome you to the new Ski Whiz Rescue Mission webpage. I will be bringing you information and photos of my favorite snowmobile, The Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz. I received my first Ski Whiz at the age of 14 or so, a used 1973 300t. That machine still resides in my collection although in need of some heavy restoration. In fact, that machine is the reason for my current situation. I had that machine in mind when I started to search the internet for repair parts. The internet was bringing a lot of snowmobile information back to light, but there was very little in the way of Ski Whiz. I started searching Ebay and the snowmobile classifieds. I was lucky to meet several Ski Whiz fans that provided me with ample parts to get some projects started. That quest continues…

The lack of a dedicated Ski Whiz site was the motivation for the original webpage. Many people have contributed to these pages, providing me with their photos, ideas and opinions. Thanks to everyone. Without you this project would have never gotten off the ground. Along those lines, If you have anything Ski Whiz related you would like to see here, please feel free to contact me at

This is my first attempt at a restoration and this machine will be featured on a future page. It actually isn’t a restoration per se. I purchaced this as a parts machine and found it was in such good shape that I needed to concentrate on fixing it up. Several missing parts were located and the rest was cleaned. This is the result.


1974 440WT

1974 440WT

New Beginnings…… with Old Friends.

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Some information about  the Ski Whiz Rescue Mission. The original webpage was started on GeoCities in 2002 and after much stumbling and bumbling, started to take a useable form later that year. Slowly I managed to gather pictures and articles that I found interesting or informative. With the help of several contributors, the photos finally started to be posted and several pages came together. While the format was very limiting, I still managed to amass enough information to overload the free bandwidth limits on a regular basis. The webpage became static in about 2004 simply because there was no storage space left. Yet the website generated a large amount of interest and emails would arrive weekly with questions and information about Ski Whiz snowmobiles.

Moving ahead to 2009, With the closing of Yahoo/GeoCities free hosting, I finally was pushed to finding a more suitable place to present my pages. There had been many excellent offers along the way and I thank everyone for their offers and advice. I could have selected a couple of other homes that would have provided me a perfect place to start anew. Why I passed up those opportunities with friends and family and landed here is not simple, and at the risk of offending anyone, will remain unexplained here. Let’s just say I hope that my decision is the best one for the survival of the Ski Whiz Rescue Mission.