1959 Autoboggan Resurrection

Bull Sessions member earnhardtnorth aka Ryan Koenig sent us this story months ago and after a bunch of technological bubbling on my part, finally appears for you to view. Huge apologies…..

1959 Autoboggan C-10-E serial# 675

I purchased the sled in Cambridge, Ontario but it came from New Hampshire to Cambridge. I have not been able to trace the history of this particular machine beyond that. After months of research that spanned from Maine, New Hampshire to Iowa to Minnesota to Polaris itself, it was determined that this sled was one of about 8 or 10 that were painted white in Roseau. Upon tear down the original white paint was visible on different parts all over the sled, a piece big enough to copy was found on the front drive sprockets to match the colour. Any metal was repaired to straighten out 54 years of use, a new track was fabricated, the engine was disassembled, blasted and repainted as was the entire sled. New wooden sliders and skis were built, a new frame was constructed for the new canvas cab to keep you warm on a stormy day. A new tag was correctly made using the same acid etching technique as the original and was made in England.

On and off the project lasted for almost two years and was completed in Sept of 2013 in time for the Toronto Snowmobile Show. There it was displayed with a period correct Polaris Freighter Toboggan in tow. The maiden showing was in the Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada’s display booth.

This project couldn’t have been completed without all the great people I have met thru the vintage sled community, my friends and local businesses, and vintagesleds.com. I want to thank all who helped with bringing this sled back to her original glory. And if you have any info on the history of this sled…I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks, Ryan


Among the information that Ryan sent me were these notes:

Hand pinstriped by Rollie Guertin of Guelph Ontario. My good friend Art Seydel from East Grand Forks N.D. helped with the production of the new track among other things. The sled was painted by Paul Willie of Willie’s Custom & Collision in Wingham Ontario. My buddy “Dinky” helped with lots on the sled at every stage. 

The bottom 2 pictures were taken at the 2013 Toronto snowmobile show…the sled’s first showing! It made people stop and have a look and every kid there just had to kneel and pet the pelts! The sled was featured on three live TV shows that were at the show that weekend. And it made the trip there and back without a scratch despite being in a 22’ trailer with the Freighter Toboggan, my 1991.5 RXL, 1964 Comet, and my 1963 K-70-D.

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Riding into history. H.C. Paul and Autoboggan

Earnhardtnorth aka Ryan Koenig sends us this photo of H.C. Paul and a very early version of the Autoboggan.

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New Piece of Snowmobile History Discovered

Recoil has shared a story that is just too good to miss. Check out this thread in the VS forum and learn about his discovery of a Smith-Roles prototype. He shares the story behind it, including finding someone that was there at the beginning of Smith-Roles history. Not only was this gentleman willing to share his knowledge, he decided to let Recoil become the next person to love and share an actual prototype. Check it out!



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NEWS: New Vintage Sled Insurance Company Enters the Market.

FINALLY – Insurance for Classic Snowmobile Collectors
By Valdi Stefanson, President, Antique Snowmobile Club of America

I spoke with a vintage snowmobile guy from Michigan yesterday. He told me of three instances where entire collections of vintage snowmobiles were ruined. One when the shed burned and two where the barn roof caved in.
Ask yourself — Could I stand this loss? If the answer is NO, I bring good news! Recently, the Empire Company had a program that insured a collection of old snowmobiles. Unfortunately, two years ago they quit insuring classic snowmobiles. Since then, we worked on all the other “collector vehicle” insurers to take on snowmobiles, to no avail.

A new company has stepped up and has developed a great program — agreed value; bundling of all your machines; demonstration/trail ride coverage; different deductible & limit options; show, event and museum coverage; loading –transit-unloading coverage. The policy protects you from collision, fire, theft, wind, and hail as well as liability for bodily injury, property damage and medical payments.
This policy was developed by an insurance broker that is a great asset to all of us snowmobilers. In fact, Dale Vagts is an International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) inductee from Iowa. Contact: Robin Schultz, V & V Insurance @ 563 382 4720.

– Will insure all your classic snowmobiles in one policy.
– Valuation is “agreed value”. You supply a picture and fair estimate of value. (Appraisals required on sleds with values over $ 15,000).
– Liability, medical payments and physical damage coverage with many different deductible and limit options.
– Snowmobiles must be over 30 years of age.
– Insured sleds must be garaged in a locked enclosed facility.
– Coverage is restricted to non-racing exhibitions & shows. Occasional pleasure drives are permitted.
– Coverage available in CO, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, ND, OH, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI. Coming soon in MI.
– Off premise coverage for sled while at a show, exhibition or museum.
– Coverage applies while in transit, while loading or unloading.
– Policy provides up to $ 500 in coverage for spare parts.
– Minimum premium is $ 100/year.

There will be other particulars that you need to understand. Call the agent for full details.

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OMC brings us Red, White and Blue for July

Mike Mineau aka JXer hooked us up this month with a cool tip.
He turned us on to the Brook Stevens Collection at the
Milwaukee Art Museum. Brook Stevens was a premier industrial
designer that worked for the likes of Miller Brewing, the
Milwaukee Road RR, Studebaker, Jeep, Harley Davidson, Oscar
Mayer and OMC. His association with OMC was a long one, and
he influenced a wide variety of the company’s products from
LawnBoy lawn mowers to Evinrude boats to Cushman vehicles.

The collection includes many reference photos of Johnson, OMC
and Evinrude snowmobiles. Of interest today, this Red White and
Blue beauty. As many will remember, 1976 was America’s
Bicentennial year and consumer products of all sorts appeared in
the nation’s colors. This theme extended to OMC’s production
snowmobiles that year, but I know there will be interest in this
prototype that never hit the snow.

The Brooks Stevens collection is available at:


Please note that the collection will be withdrawn from veiwing some
time this month for restoration and conservation and will return in
2015. ‘Til then, you can find quite a lot of Brook’s work on the

One more interesting fact, Brooks also designed the Wienermobile
for Oscar Mayer. Red, White and Blue sleds, Miller Beer, and Hot
Dogs. Can’t get much more American than that!

Photos courtesy of The Milwaukee Art Museum.


Brooks Stevens Collection ~ Milwaukee Art Museum


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