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Author Topic: 2.52 Driver Conversion for Yamaha Enticer, Bravo, Sno Scoot with square shaft  (Read 731 times)


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With kimpex no longer offering 2.52 pitch drivers for the old square shafts found on many older sled I've come up with an alternative option. I'm having aluminum bushings made up that will press into a hex shaft driver wheel, and have a square ID to press onto the .875 square drive shaft. I will be offering new 8 tooth drivers with bushings installed for $95 a pair.

I have barnofparts.com, which specializes in the new 4 stroke sleds. My son is 3 and looking ahead to his first sled i picked up a bravo in need of a track. Little did I know at the time, that the 3.29 pitch tracks are obsolete.  I suspected there were others in this same predicament and decided to put some effort in an affordable solution to reviving these sleds! I'm also working on some rail extensions for the bravo, so the 121" track conversion can be done easily.

Not sure how to post pics on this site. Link below has photos.



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    I might be interested in a pair of 7-tooth. I am long-tracking an '80 Enticer 250.

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