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Is there a ride or is it just a show and climb? I ask because is there even any snow left in Duluth?
Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: local shows in CNY
« Last post by oldtntdude on Today at 05:17:35 AM »
Little over a week till Little Falls swapmeet !!!
It is probobly the  guy that bought my pantera neat gauges and never paid.
Vintage Tech Help / Re: 74 TX headlight
« Last post by RMK800 on Today at 04:32:08 AM »
Here's a novel idea. I can get lamps that are 60/60. If I rewire the TX twin headlights in series then the lights will only produce 30/30 watts each effectively so the alternator is not overloaded and the light output is as if there were 30/30 lights installed. Any nay sayers or electrical wizards that have a different take on this?
Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: 73 EXT 650 Values
« Last post by ski-doood on Today at 04:22:50 AM »
I am not a Cat expert but it would seem to me when you are comparing 73's to 72's, would it not be a big factor that there was not a 74 EXT??  Seemed to me most 73 were raced for more than one season.  That's would contribute as to how hard it is to find a 73.  Also many 73 were altered considerably to race in the 74 season.

The comment about the 73 650 being the Hemi Cuda of the Cat Collectors world I sure agree.  I also think the 73 650 is considerably harder to find one to purchase than the King Kats are.
Pure BS (Non Vintage Sled Related) / Re: Chevy Bolt EV
« Last post by SRXS on Today at 04:08:52 AM »
Yeah they are very capable little SUVs.  It won't get that mileage and I'm sure if he wanted to buy a used Bolt there could be a lot of savings too.  I think for his application it could pay off.
Pure BS (Non Vintage Sled Related) / Re: Chevy Bolt EV
« Last post by j3greg on Today at 03:21:13 AM »
What baby SUV would do what you are asking?

2015-16  Chevy Equinox / GMC Terrain fits the bill pretty well.    For $20 grand will have less than 30K miles on the clock
For a lesson on how to start a rope pull TX-800 in one pull, take a look at this video I took after the show. One might think these boys learned this out behind the barn...

Foolsbro, wait until you see this years vehicle registration fees....my 2013 Ford F-150 shot up to $186, they were about $130 last year. My '04 Blazer was $98 last year, $126 this year >:(

I wish my vehicle registration was so cheap....here in NH my 06 Yukon xl cost me $260/yr still. Of course we have no sales or income taxes, so they get ya one way or another.
Pure BS (Non Vintage Sled Related) / Re: Yamaha Kodiak Brake Drag
« Last post by TZR on Today at 02:11:52 AM »
Corroded piston in the brake caliper.  If your lucky polishing the piston with finest grade scotchbright pad will clean it up.
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