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Pure BS (Non Vintage Sled Related) / Re: Factor 5
« Last post by markcp on Today at 08:19:38 PM »
Awesome news Paul.  Hope the road to recovery is smooth and speedy.
Vintage Racing / Re: Looks like isr rules came out today....
« Last post by spark1013 on Today at 08:16:57 PM »
I don't have a dog in this fight yet so I am going to ask some questions. How much does top notch sm 440 motor cost? As a fan I see vintage as more about the older sleds than the motor. The WC is the top race and the best equipment racing in it. As our motors and parts dry up we will have to change to keep our sport going.  Is it time to allow casting new cylinders or making billet cnc cylinders? They would have to be free air and resemble a factory casting. Yes you could add the reeds but you could limit them ( no triple exhaust ). You would have use a factory case as the base. Allow a new head to be cast and let the builder machine their own combustion chambers. I don't know if this would be feasible it's just a question to ask. Allow the use of newer model cranks . I see the side that it is not vintage using the 2005 cylinder and mating it with a vintage fin set. I for one do not want to see vintage go away. My son is 11 and I want vintage to be here when he is old enough to race sm. I am simply looking to the future as we try to keep vintage oval alive and well. Please don't crucify me for asking the questions.
Vintage Tech Help / Re: Titanium Cleats
« Last post by Fuji F/A on Today at 08:13:51 PM »
Yes,RXL and I believe a few select Sno Pro Cats.I think the easiest way to describe Arboloy is as a heat treat stainless.They are tough and miserable to drill.they also heat up but not near as bad as titanium.I do have a couple Arboloy cleated tracks and like them but would like some input on 4130 Chromemoly if anyone has first hand experience with them
Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: 73' Chappy IFSer
« Last post by mr bolens on Today at 07:57:46 PM »
Your right Jags 73
Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: 73' Chappy IFSer
« Last post by JAGS on Today at 07:41:50 PM »
i thought it was a 73 per my buddy, he does want to sell it as well, but he has no idea what it's worth? I do not own this fyi just trying to help him out.

Vintage Tech Help / Re: Titanium Cleats
« Last post by 73 RATX on Today at 07:22:45 PM »
Since the topic is cleats, what is an Arbaloy (Not sure if spelling is correct) cleat?  I think I read that the RXL used them.

Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: 73' Chappy IFSer
« Last post by Gilson435 on Today at 06:54:40 PM »
That one is different year from the first one

Pure BS (Non Vintage Sled Related) / Re: Factor 5....... and Update.
« Last post by Paul on Today at 06:51:44 PM »

      My brother ended up with two large blood clots......... one near the top in each lung. Looks like he's gonna make it through all of this, but man.......... what an ordeal!! Lots of internal bleeding due to the blood thinners, anti-clotting meds, and his unconscious struggling to remove the ventilator tube and get comfortable. They had to put mittens on his hands for protection. The slightest friction against that tube in his lungs causes the bleeding. Also...... he had never told his wife that he had Factor 5. When the doctors asked her if he did, she said, "No." When she called to tell me that he was in the hospital for the clots, I immediately told her that he, indeed, DID have it. At that point, she told the docs and they developed their treatment plan more completely.

  The docs are putting in a temporary filter to catch any remaining clots and prevent them from traveling anywhere else. After that, they'll start working to remove the tube. Gonna take another day or so.

             Warfarin can be very dangerous. According to what my sister was told by one of her doctors, in certain situations, it's one of the drugs that can cause problems that can't be resolved if something goes wrong. It takes hours for it to exit the body. Coumodin,(sp?) can be dealt with immediately using vitamin K. The problem he referred to is uncontrolled bleeding, whether it be internal or external. Tricky stuff!!!

    This affliction usually develops in mature adults as their genes age, rather than the younger folks. However, that is a "general" rule. I was informed at the hospital that even though I don't have it, that it most likely got passed on to my child. So, we'll have our daughter tested at some point in the near future.

    Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes........ looks like they worked!!!!!


Vintage Sleds 24/7 (ONLY) / Re: 73' Chappy IFSer
« Last post by mr bolens on Today at 06:46:52 PM »
That one is different year from the first one
Here's a few more photos for you guys - like I mentioned I want to go back again and spend more time there....Great people we met- friendly as heck.....willing to help point us tourists in the right direction....and the scenery was like non other. Red Lodge Montana was a real cool town - Good food and a couple of us couldn't resist visiting the SNAG bar.....with a name like that - you just have to go in and look! ...Driggs, ID had some great waterfalls - and the Tetons were cool as heck. Jackson, WY - what can I say....elk antlers for the entrance to the town square park...Why not!  Take a look at the mother moose about 50 yards from the house we rented in Island Park, ID. Her young one was laying down right by her. We took in a couple gun fights on the streets of Cody and Deadwood - and we toured an old gold mine too. The kids thought it was great. We walked into a woman's clothing store on the old main street of Deadwood - Mrs. Joses wanted to buy some items...and low and behold !  there was a bar in there...about 10 seats!  What a heck of an idea. So- just like any other honorable man would do- I let her shop and I had a few Schlitz beers in there while she looked around. Awesome!   We rented a combination of motel rooms and houses.  The houses were the  way to go -we bought groceries and cooked right there - all 6 families. Were able to wash bikes, crack a couple of cold ones, and relax in a house atmosphere. All in all - we put a total of just a little over 4000 miles on the car and a couple of bikes that rode out there from Northern Wisconsin. The rest of us put on about 2300 miles on the bikes.  Great Trip! Those of you who live out that way have got to love it!     

I know how you guys like pictures - hope there isn't too many of them.


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